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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016/2019 v2108 Build 14326.20404 (x64) Incl. Activator {CracksHash}

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Info Hash:  539369EE1FAB009808C0AB27AEF2EF64BA909FE0
Category:  Apps > Windows
Torrent language:  English  
Seeds | Leech:  39 | 92 Update seeds and leechers stat
Complete:   64
Total Size:  8.30 GB
Added By:        crackshash
Date Added:  14-09-2021 08:47:pm | Last Edit:  15-09-2021 04:34:am

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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016/2019 v2108 Build 14326.20404 (x64) Incl. Activator {CracksHash}

The new enhancements in Office 2019 are a subset of a long list of features that have been added to Office 365 ProPlus over the last three years. Office 2019 is a one-time release and won’t receive future feature updates. However, we’ll continue to add new features to Office 365 ProPlus monthly, including innovations in collaboration, artificial intelligence (AI), security, and more. Office 2019 delivers features across apps to help users create amazing content in less time. In PowerPoint 2019, you can create cinematic presentations with new features like Morph and Zoom. And improved inking features across the apps in Windows—like the roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects—allow you to naturally create documents.

Microsoft Office 2016-2019 well demonstrates how the approach to creating documents and working with them has changed today. Many of us start work on one computer, continue it on another, and demonstrate it on a third, simultaneously making minor edits on a laptop, tablet or even smartphone. Therefore, Office 2016-2019 tried to make conceptually different. Almost all the key elements in it were developed from scratch, and the applications are focused on a consistent style of work regardless of the hardware platform. They are designed to provide familiar functionality on any device, automatically adjusting their interface to the parameters of the current screen and available system resources.

The composition of the Microsoft Office package:
Microsoft Office Mondo 2016
Microsoft Office Professional 2016
Microsoft Office Professional 2019
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019
Microsoft Office Standard 2016
Microsoft Office Standard 2019
Microsoft Project Professional 2016
Microsoft Project Professional 2019
Microsoft Project Standard 2016
Microsoft Project Standard 2019
Microsoft Visio Professional 2016
Microsoft Visio Professional 2019
Microsoft Visio Standard 2016
Microsoft Visio Standard 2019
Microsoft Office Home Business 2016
Microsoft Office Home Business 2019
Microsoft Office Home Student 2016
Microsoft Office Home Student 2019
Microsoft O365 Business
Microsoft O365 Small Business Premium
Microsoft O365 Home Premium
Microsoft O365 Professional Plus

Instructions and Activator are provided in the files

The Office files is tested with Malwarebytes
And for the setup you can check below

Virus Total links -
Setup - https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/414155bf11893ec64ba0f4ffb7de92885090845a0761cf8f6743462aa5991d5e/detection

Setup - https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/414155bf11893ec64ba0f4ffb7de92885090845a0761cf8f6743462aa5991d5e


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Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016/2019 v2108 Build 14326.20404 (x64) Incl. Activator {CracksHash}
Alternative Activator/MAS_1.4_AIO {CracksHash}.zip (1.64 MB)
autorun.inf (187.00 B)
Downloaded from CracksHash.com.txt (402.00 B)
Instructions! .txt (1.37 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i640.cab (28.60 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i640.cab.cat (30.23 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i641031.cab (8.71 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i641032.cab (8.70 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i641033.cab (8.69 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i641036.cab (8.69 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i641040.cab (8.69 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i641046.cab (8.69 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i641055.cab (8.69 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i642070.cab (8.71 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/i643082.cab (8.69 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s640.cab (4.05 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s641031.cab (725.33 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s641032.cab (693.78 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s641033.cab (802.40 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s641036.cab (783.08 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s641040.cab (703.84 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s641046.cab (670.28 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s641055.cab (700.78 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s642070.cab (689.57 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/s643082.cab (739.23 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp641031.cab (61.45 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp641032.cab (31.11 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp641033.cab (103.30 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp641036.cab (58.52 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp641040.cab (41.19 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp641046.cab (40.08 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp641055.cab (30.70 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp642070.cab (32.50 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/sp643082.cab (61.85 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.de-de.dat (622.97 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.de-de.dat.cat (146.18 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.de-de.proof.dat (125.78 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.de-de.proof.dat.cat (13.16 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.el-gr.dat (549.78 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.el-gr.dat.cat (134.68 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.el-gr.proof.dat (6.72 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.el-GR.proof.dat.cat (11.64 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.en-us.dat (592.99 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.en-us.dat.cat (125.29 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.en-us.proof.dat (87.52 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.en-us.proof.dat.cat (12.58 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.es-es.dat (546.58 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.es-es.dat.cat (148.06 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.es-es.proof.dat (73.29 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.es-es.proof.dat.cat (13.72 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.fr-fr.dat (727.04 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.fr-fr.dat.cat (148.84 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.fr-fr.proof.dat (91.64 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.fr-fr.proof.dat.cat (13.53 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.it-it.dat (616.71 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.it-it.dat.cat (142.72 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.it-it.proof.dat (74.40 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.it-IT.proof.dat.cat (13.16 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.pt-br.dat (442.77 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.pt-BR.dat.cat (143.10 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.pt-br.proof.dat (47.13 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.pt-BR.proof.dat.cat (12.60 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.pt-pt.dat (512.44 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.pt-PT.dat.cat (134.67 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.pt-pt.proof.dat (23.35 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.pt-PT.proof.dat.cat (11.61 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.tr-tr.dat (546.58 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.tr-TR.dat.cat (134.68 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.tr-tr.proof.dat (8.05 MB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.tr-TR.proof.dat.cat (11.62 kB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.x-none.dat (2.68 GB)
Office/Data/16.0.14326.20404/stream.x64.x-none.dat.cat (626.18 kB)
Office/Data/branch.txt (36.00 B)
Office/Data/v64.cab (9.67 kB)
Office/Data/v64_16.0.14326.20404.cab (9.69 kB)
OInstall.exe (10.91 MB)
Visit CracksHash.com.url (117.00 B)

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